Slowing down



I get this whole week off from school…one of the few perks of starting school the first of August! So of course, I’ve been packing the days with Emily play time, errands, naps, sewing, and painting. Promise, pictures soon (notice I didn’t say cleaning which is something that MUST get done before pictures!)

This morning is especially busy with getting things ready for tomorrow and finishing up little projects. So when Emily wanted to just sit and read in her room first thing this morning, I went through the list of things I could do at the same time–laundry, straightening up, sewing prep.


But instead I just watched her. And it was the best 10 minutes of the day!


So just remember, in all of this crazy busy holiday season, take a minute to savor the simple moments and enjoy what this is all about. Best wishes!


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  1. Jenny Johnston

    I’m starting my Thanksgiving Day quietly for a few minutes before I kick the 19-year-old out of bed to learn how to make a Turkey. Quiet moments are so essential! I really appreciate how you made your point with so few words.

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