12 Gifts of Christmas


Even though this is the first weekend I’ll be hanging up Christmas decorations, I’ve been thinking about gifts for months. I love the challenge of finding something meaningful and worthwhile for my family and friends. But with a little jelly bean on the way, I’m feeling a money crunch more than usual.

So at one very slow craft fair, I started going though all the pins I had collected that would make good gifts and tried to steal more great ideas from the crafters around me. The key was not to make something just to make it and save the money. I really wanted something that would fit that person’s personality and interests. I couldn’t come up with something for everyone, but I am pretty pleased with the ideas I did decide on. But there were plenty of other great ones that I thought I’d share.


Disclaimer:  If you are friends or family to whom I usually give gifts, read with caution. There’s a chance that your gift with be with these tutorials.

I’ve listed the different gifts I’ll be posting based on who they might be good for. But when I post, I’ll put projects that take longer up first and follow them with quicker projects. That way there’s enough time to get some of these done. No sense making the holidays more stressful than they need to be!

Bags (lots of tutorials from other blogs)
Scarves (5 varieties)
Tablecloth and Napkins
Mittens and Ear Warmers
Sugar Scrub

Bags (more tutorials from other blogs)
Day by Day Calendar
Iphone Carrier and Charging Case

Fabric Memory
Giant Football Game Board
Tutu, Wand, Boa

Notebook Set and Stationary
Gift Card Holders

Apparently I can’t count and there’s more than 12 here. Oops.



So, figure out who on your Nice List might like one of these gifts. Start deciding on some of the fabrics you might like to use (so if you need to buy more, you can take advantage of all the sales that are coming up!) See you tomorrow for the first set of gifts!

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